:: Why Garage Door Opener Remote Doesn't Work: Quick Fixes
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Posted on 2016-11-23 by Author admin

A garage door opener remote is a little handy electronic device that allows the movement of the vehicle without any manual effort for opening and closing the heavy garage door. It works with the help of infrared or IR signals that triggers the switch and performs the function. Nothing is more frustrating than a malfunctioned garage door that doesn't perform its function as it is supposed to do and you search for the reasons behind its non-functionality. All of a sudden you realize the problem is with your garage door opener remote and the first thought you come across is how to repair it? Do not need to panic at such situations, here are some points that you must go through before calling for professionals help and support.

1. Inspect the Batteries

The possibility of opener remote control failure might be the weak or dead batteries. Always make use of the named-brand batteries due to their durability and uninterrupted services. These batteries are rechargeable, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly. The remote battery must not always run low as it might get dead. Always keep your batteries charged and if it is running low plug in the charger before it dies.

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2. Inspect the Battery Contacts

Be aware of the dirt, moisture and wet contacts inside the case of your battery as it inhibits the electric current to pass to the circuit board of the opener remote. If you inspect the moisture or wet contacts, make it dry and before using a battery into the remote to perform its function. Fine-grit sandpaper or steel-wool could be used to clean and dry the contacts of the remote.

3. Clean the Eye-Lens of the Remote

An eye-lens is a plastic covering over the IR outlet. It helps to transmit the signals between the transmitting and receiving. Mostly, the plastic eye is made of scratch-resistant material but sometimes it might catch dust due to which it cannot transmit the signals properly. Wiping off the eye with soft muslin cloth will work. If you broke the eye somehow by falling off the remote on the ground or accidentally rubbed with abrasive fibers, the only option you are left with is buying a new opener remote.

4. Reboot the System

Reboot the system, as we do with the computers, if they stop functioning. Sometimes, resetting the system works as it reboots the circuit board and the receiver and brings back the system to its functionality. Rebooting the system requires removing the batteries and re-installing them after 30 seconds. On the other hand, unplug the receiver from the wall for 30 seconds and plug it back.

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Last Word of Advice

If your garage door opener remote still doesn't work after trying all the above methods, you need to call experts who are trained enough to deal with such issues in less time consumption. They know the standard protocols to deal with any kind of problems related to your garage door such as installation, garage door opener remote, repair or replacement of different parts of your huge door

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